Transfer service from one DP&L-served location to another - Online!

Stop service at your DP&L-served location - Online!

To establish service for the first time at an existing location, please call Customer Service at 800-433-8500 at least 3 business days ahead of time. You can call for any service changes, if you prefer.

If you are planning to build a new business facility or home, contact our Construction Control Center at 800-424-5578 at least 3 months before you need your electric service.

Information to have when you call:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Address you are moving to
  • Current telephone number
  • Driver's license number, passport or other form of valid ID
  • Social security number (this is optional, but needed to validate credit history)

Why Do We Need this Information?

We need this information in order to run a credit check to determine if a security deposit or guarantor is needed on your account.

By setting up your service, DP&L is giving you a line of credit, because you receive your service before you pay for the electricity. Just as you would have to update a loan application each time you apply for credit, we also need to update your information each time you apply for service, since it requires extending credit.

Security Deposit

Sometimes we have to ask for a security deposit to ensure that unpaid bills do not become a burden for all customers. Learn why we require a security deposit.

Turning Service On Safely

A DP&L employee may need to come to your location to turn on the power. Before service at the meter can be turned on, all breakers must be turned to the off position and/or any fuses must be removed for safety reasons.