Energizing Growth: infrastructure grants

When an existing business plans to expand or a new business considers locating to the area, the DP&L electrical facilities, and other infrastructure, often must be upgraded to meet the growing needs of the business. This can require a sizable capital commitment on the part of either the business or the community. DP&L’s Infrastructure Grants are available to help offset the capital cost, promoting job growth and the regional economy.


Infrastructure grants may be used to offset the cost of expanding and upgrading DP&L electrical facilities to serve a new or expanding business. Costs can include line extensions, transformers, and meter relocations. DP&L will also consider providing grants to offset other infrastructure costs on a case-by-case basis, such as water, sewer and land price.


To receive a DP&L Infrastructure Grant, the site of the new or expanding business must:

  • Be located in the Dayton Power & Light service area
  • Expect to have an electric load equal to or greater than 400 kw
  • Hire at least 10 new full-time employees as a result of the expansion or new project within the first two years of operation
  • Consider the Infrastructure Grant as critical to the decision of expanding or locating its business in the region

DP&L service area map

How Does DP&L Evaluate Infrastructure Grant Applications?

In evaluating projects, DP&L will evaluate the proposed facility’s economic impact on the region and DP&L, including:

  • Does the business or project have a positive long-term impact that makes the economy stronger?
  • What is the short-term and long-term economic impact to DP&L?

How to Apply

To apply for an Infrastructure Grant, please email Economic Development to indicate your interest in the program.